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  • 6 Map Tiles (with reversible sides) to form the United Kingdom

  • 5 Player Aids (one for each gang)

  • 50 Player Mob pieces (10 per colour/gang)

  • 10 City Cards

  • 30 Intel Cards

  • 25 Deal Cards and 25 Deceive Cards

  • 21 Upgrade Cards (includes 1 unique card per gang)

  • 5 Gang Tokens

  • 44 x £1,000 Coin Tokens, 45 x £2,000 Coin Tokens and 32 x £10,000 Coin Tokens

  • 1 six sided die

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Quick Reference Sheet.

Britain is rife with crime and you are leading one of the United Kingdom's five most notorious historical gangs, competing for dominance over London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. You and your fellow players vie for control over the major cities of Britannia by spreading your mobs, collecting payouts, and using secret intelligence to advance your influence.

Gangs of Britannia is an exciting game that has been known to test even the strongest bonds between players. The game relies on a unique face down 'Prisoner's Dilemma' mechanism that determines between a deal or deception of your fellow player.

In a game where luck decides little, carefully pick who you're forging deals and alliances with as betrayals can lurk behind the next card. One thing is certain amongst the Gangs of Britannia - trust is slowly built but quickly broken...

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