Woeful Ideas for Board Game Themes

In designing our game, we designed the gameplay first and then followed with the theme afterwards. Unorthodox I know! 

When we were brainstorming themes that could match our gameplay, some of our initial suggestions were frankly shameful. And when we dug out this list, we found some of our ideas pretty funny, and actually thought they're contenders for...


So we decided to put our ideas to the masses and see if people could beat us with stupider, more mundane and more downright awful game themes.

Safe to say we've been matched. But have we been beaten?

A few notes before the poll:

  • If you have an idea that you think is a contender post in the comments and we'll add!
  • Anyone who implies the theme for our game now on kickstarter - Gangs of Britannia - qualifies for the worst theme ever will get a series of nasty looks from me through my computer screen. You have been warned....
  • We will publish the ultimate awful game theme in 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of respondents.
  • We've left out publishing the slightly more controversial subjects for fear of upsetting people. 

Here goes .... 

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