Gangs Of Britannia Artwork Update

Jason has been working very hard to deliver the artwork for the game. We think he's done a sterling job and wanted to share with you some of the great work he has done.

To kick the game's new artwork off, let's have a look at the Player Aids. PlayerAids give you a brief bio about your specific gang and have the most important information in a condensed version to help you through game. The page has arrows to the left and right of each artwork 'cluster' with which you can flick through the different gangs' Player Aids. The final version will have a few text changes (already actioned). Broadly speaking though, this is what they will look like:

Below are a few select upgrade cards. Upgrade cards give you 'power ups' that you can use throughout the game. Each gang gets a special power up that is only available to that gang. There are also 'communal' upgrades which are available for everyone to acquire.

Communal and gang specific cards have been grouped togethere here. Again, the caveat is that the text has already changed slightly for clarity's sake and we are going to mark the gang specific upgrade cards with a token of the respective gang.

Moving on, you are now looking at the intel cards. These are the information cards that each gang (player) receives in any given round. The information affects everyone but as each player has their own set of info, no player will ever see the complete picture of what is going to happen. Therefore, each and every player will have to watch each and every other player to figure out what card they may have.

We've also created a little cheat sheet. With a rundown of all the cards in the game. The below version is actually a bit old as we've decided to split it into 4x A5 pages (rather than just two) for ease of legibility. The below snapshot is just showing half of the cards (in total there will be 9 different upgrade cards and 30 different intel cards (10 for each round).

Gangs of Britannia Cheat Sheet

Last but not least we gave our 'Deal or Deceive' cards. The card backs have been personalised for each gang whilst the fronts will read either 'Deal' or 'Deceive'. I don't know why this page shows them in this weird format. They should be half the size of a normal playing card and not in this square-like format below.

These are the major artwork changes. We're saving a few of the pieces for you so you have a little surprise when they finally get delivered!

Do let us know what you think in the comments below.  If you are reading this and would like to pre-order a copy of the game, you can do so here.

Gangly love,

Chris, Dan and Joel

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