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The story Thus Far

Once upon a time, there were three Ganglies who met in a castle in the northern reaches of England. The Ganglies got on very well together and had a merry time. They were also fiercely competitive and tried to best each other at all manner of contests and games.

The years passed by and the Ganglies moved to different parts of the world, but remaining as competitive as ever if not more so than when they had first met. It was after many such games that they sat together and thought up a game that would capture all elements that they so thoroughly enjoyed:

1) Simple & Original Gameplay
2) Difficult to Master
3) Involving Diplomacy, Deception, Scheming and Strategy

With the above criteria set, the three Ganglies embarked upon a mission to create a game that would please their inner children. After many iterations, play tests, puddles of sweat and tears as well as mounds of consumed food (to feed one Gangly's voracious appetite), a Gangly game was finally born.

If you have survived this incredibly bad prose and made it thus far, you may be surprised to find that the three aforementioned Ganglies are actually none other than Dan, Joel and Chris. Predictable in hindsight is it not?



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